Two Years with Stryd

After my 2018 NYC Marathon, I knew I needed a better way to train and get my running metrics. My gps was off before I even go go mile 1. It was apparent that in big races where everyone is looking for the same GPS signals, accuracy and reliability is iffy at best.

Enter Stryd.

Immediately, after only a few runs, I knew it was worth the cost. Mind blowing. Crazy consistent data.

2019 NYC Marathon. I had a PR in my second marathon from 3:34 to 3:19. But I wasn’t training with power in 2019. Not yet. I used a Hanson’s training plan which was good but now in 2020 I know how incredible training with power is. Huge improvements, road race wins, PRs at every distance. I’m looking at a sub 3 hour marathon now. But trust me I’ve put in the work. It’s not just Stryd. But training with power is so effective, Specifically I train with Steve Palladino’s training plans. Sub 38 10K, Sub 17min 5K. And I’ve gone from my first marathon at 3:34 to now staring down a 2:58. I’m a 43 year old guy. I work hard but without meaningful training and metrics to guide me, things wouldn’t be improving as they are. Quality workouts not more miles.

Stryd + Saucony Endorphin Speed. I had a solo 5K PR in July 2020 running 17:08.

The essential Benefits of power based training:

Duration and Effort vs Distance and Pace

Duration and Effort based on power is much more effective for me and any runner who wants to improve and go to the next level. Why? It’s tailored for the individual based on your own specific threshold. It’s based on a principle power number called critical power or functional threshold power. This is how much power output you can maintain over a set amount of time. Everyone has one whether you train by power or not. All of your training is based on that number. As you training progresses you test out that number by running critical threshold/power tests in a 5k or 10K race or by a defined 3min and 10min effort. The numbers don’t lie.

Think of it this way. 5 miles to an experienced runner is totally different to 5 miles for a beginner runner. But if I say run for 45 minutes at 80% power effort to both runners, then both get the same benefits. It doesn’t matter how far they ran. It’s all about the quality of the workouts. This is the essence of power based training.

Stryd’s support, iOS and web based powercenter are also incredible. Their Facebook group is so supportive and I rely on Stryd on every run.

My Stryd (non wind) pod